Monday, August 23, 2010

Recap of the day! :)

Today was one of the most interesting first day of classes that I've had in my entire high school and college career combined.


This morning I got up around 7:30 and got ready, and around 1 5minutes to 9 decided to head out. I had a mountain of a to-do list to tackle and wanted to get it all done and over with before my first class. I did the following:

  1. Financial Aid to turn in my high school transcript
  2. Business Office Residence Life about my meal plan 
  3. Mail room to pick up my books
  4. Trainer's to turn in my physical
  5. Registrar to pick up an add/drop slip
  6. Academic Advisor to get my slip signed
  7. Talk to the president in the elevator (by accident)**
  8. Library to print papers for interview
  9. Tutoring application

It was a pretty busy morning and at 11:30, I had a super important interview! It was for the Disney College Program and I feel that it went very well! I seemed to get alot of questions about Character Attendant which I hope is a good sign! :)

**: I was in the elevator trying to head up to the 3rd floor (which is where the new Chaplin's office was and I really need to meet with her soon) and the President of Wesley just happened to be in there. He asked me how my day was going and this was right after my phone interview (so naturally I was on a Disney high) and I replied "My Day is going great! I just finished a phone interview for The Walt Disney World College Program". He asked "Oh, what is that? Tell me about it?" So I had a whole 5 minute conversation with me talking about the CP and all Disney can teach us. He seemed really pleased that two people from our college are attempting to apply and participate. I also  said "I really hope that the college is supportive of this, It's an amazing internship" and he replied "Oh, We most certianly are! This is something not only great for you to particiapte in but it's something we should support! You two girls come visit me personally the moment you find something out and I will make sure the college supports you!"


This is the answer to SO MANY prayers. The college had previously been very unsupportive of the College program for me as my department would not support the program for education credits as it was not directly related to education. I truly am so happy that he supports this and I can't wait to find something out! :)  

Anyway. Back to my challenge:

The Second Day: August 23.2010

Events: First Day of Classes and Meetings all over School! 

First Day of Classes! :)

Today is the first day of classes for the fall semester and I also have my Disney College Program interview today at 11:30! I'm actually very relaxed about it, I've prepared and I've talked to God about it so it will be whatever he wants it to be. I don't have class untill 2 p.m. which is very nice because I can go get stuff done around campus that I need to do. I have a to-do list that it like an entire note card! It's crazy but I don't think any of it it going to be too torturous. 

Last night, I thought I would FREEZE to dealt in my dorm room. It was bloody freezing and I felt that an Eskimo couldn't even be that cold! It was crazy. Around 2 this morning, I got up and turned my air off completely. haha 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Challenge

New Challenge Goal:

Take a picture of what I wear each and every day from now until the end of the semester and tell what I did that day.


I'm not sure after I finish this challenge I'm really gonna want to see some of the outfits (I have an interesting lack of style in my opinion) but hey. It's something interesting to blog about! 

The first day: August 22.2010 

Activity: Moving into College and Attending Cross Country Meeting

Pardon the style of the photo! (I managed to leave my full-length mirror at home. gah.) 


So today I moved back to college! It's my 3rd year (whoa. Time's flying) and I am on the same floor and in the same room that I was in last spring. I live in Carpenter Hall here at Wesley and I’m up on the 3rd floor yet again this semester. This is my 5th Semester on a 3rd floor and after moving in my stuff today…..I vowed that it would be my last (unless I can’t get my single elsewhere on campus). 

Last night when I finally got home from the grandparents (we cut their grass and my grandfather helped me put together a bookcase) and running errands with the mom, I packed my clothes and unpacked my suitcase from Germany. I’d never unpacked my suitcase from Germany so that was the first thing I had to do. Once I got all my clothes packed, I hauled them down the stairs (mom helped me fold a bunch) and then my brothers helped me haul them out to the car that I had already loaded earlier in the evening.  

Some pictures of the loaded car:

The loaded back of the car! 

Me and the back of the car. The backseat before I re-arranged it this morning. 

Originally, Cross Country was suppose to move in on Saturday, August 21st so that we could have a team meeting the night before the rest of the upperclassmen moved back in but Wesley College decided we were not allowed to move into the dorms until today like the rest of the upperclassmen. So this morning (in order to beat the rush and beat the rain) we decdied to leave at about 7 am! I woke up at 5:45 a.m. and got myself ready and after waking mom up at 6:30, made coffee. We left about 7:15 and made it to Dover in about 2 hour.

I’m gonna skip talking about check-in and moving all my crap up 3 flights of stars because no one wants to read about how messed up Wesley Financial Aid is nor about the fact that it’s hotter than hell with the humidity while carrying stuff. 

I went out to eat for lunch with Ashley and her boyfriend Tim plus my mom before mom left and then I’ve been unpacking/decorating my room. It looks pretty good! I’m not done, I still have to put up my postcards and then I’ll be done!

Some pictures of the room: 


I hope you guys enjoyed seeing these photos! :)

I’ll write more later after my cross country meeting about a challenge I’m giving myself! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

My First Purple Email!

So today, I got my very first PURPLE Email. Everyone involved in the College Program knows that they come from Disney Recruiting and are super-exciting to get! =] 


It's basically just the interview tips but is still super exciting to get! In other news, many of my friends that have been participating in the Facebook Group for awhile now have had or are having their phone interviews in the past few days or today/tmrw. I wish all of them "Good Luck" and can't wait to hear about it. 


If you are interested in the college program....The link to two amazing websites are on the left of my posterous website :) 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Enjoying the journey :)

Hi Everyone! :) So applications came out yesterday. And my best friend from college called me saying "Applications are live! I'm working on the application now!". 

Now....normally, I would have been jumping and screaming and racing to my computer. Small problem. I was at the Wicomico Country Farm and Home Show (and spending the night at the farm where there is no internet). 

This was me after the phone call:

So, I got home around 3:30 today and jumped on my laptop! This was me waiting for my laptop to boot up to start working on the application! 

This was me during the application process (well, more like looking to see if I'd passed the web interview): 

And this was me after the whole thing was over and 
I had made it to the next step!:

My phone interview is on Monday at 11:30 :) 

All gifs from [Clipart-Animated Gifs] and [Disney Gifs]