Thursday, July 1, 2010

The start of the summer!

So..... Summer has officially begun just a few days ago. Luckly for me, my summer began way back on April 30th when my classes ended for the summer even though I had to go back to Wesley  for Graduation. This summer is jam-packed with things to do and I am having a blast. After things happen, I'll rewiew them here so you guys get to have fun with me! Ok, so that's an exxageration but whatever! 

May got kicked off with a bang, with graduation and bacalaurate. It was bittersweet to sing at graduation and bacalaurate because of our director leaving. He is going to be starting a doctorate degree at University of Maryland this fall. Singing for the last time under Emmon's direction left manuy of our choir crying due to the emotion. We were told that we were to recieve a new director this fall. Who knows...

After graduation, the next week I worked at a farm tour that is held each year for 3 days. It teaches over 2,500 kids about agriculture and how important it is in today's society. I covered this even pretty well in my blog earlier this month or during May.  I love being part of this tour and it's alot of fun with the teenagers that I work as teammates with. I'm gonna miss this event next spring if I'm on Florida.

The next weekend, I went to visit my best friend from freshman year of college. She lives in smithville, nj and they held their annual craft fair. It was awelsome to hang out with her and her family for the weekend. 

Later that month, I went to the movies to see "Letters to Juliet" with my best friends who I am know to be a part of. One of our teachers back in high school gave the 5 of us girls the nicname "the fab 5" and we've stuck to that. We go to 4 different colleges ranging from NC to DE to MD and 6 different majors. We are still as close as the day we all graduated (even though 2 of us graduated in 2008 and the other 3 of us graduated in 2009).
I worked with a local Ruritan club for a chicken BBQ on Memorial Day for the 19th year! It's been going on for 20 years and I have been helping since I was a year or so old. 

During June, my family and I went on vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia for a week. My friend Amanda came with my family on vacation and we had a blast! We went to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Busch Gardens. At Busch Gardens they were having "Glory in the Gardens" and we got to see Francessca Ballintenta, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Building 429! I also helped my aunt last week because she had catarct surgery. I got to drive her around for 3 days. 

This past weekend, I went to my friend Ashley's house for the weekend. On Sunday we went to the "away" Phillies game at Citzens Bank Park which was amazing. Ashley and I both made Phanatics at the Build-a-Bear.  

So... That's what I've done so far this summer. Right now I'm cleaning my room because we have guests coming in in sat for the weekend. I don't have my laptop, so I might be a little hard to get up with right now :)

I can't wait to apply this fall :)