Friday, September 24, 2010


Hi Everyone! So yesterday’s classes decided to kick me in the face. Tuesday is the worst day of my week. My day started around 7:30 and I was out of the door by 9 to go grab some breakfast and then head to class. My Geometry book was stuck in New Scranton, PA for 3 days (Thanks to Chegg for changing my address without telling me) but it finally got here after my geometry class on Tuesday. I had a break after that class (about an hour) and then I had to eat lunch, meet with the Chaplin, and then walk to the Swartz Center for drama. After Drama, I had Contemporary Ensemble and dinner. I got to go to choir for about 45 minutes and then it was off to pre-calc. I have pre-calc from 7-8:40 at night and I really like the teacher. He’s a ton of fun!

Wednesday was a pretty lazy day. I don’t have class until 2 so honestly, I slept until 12. It was great after the craziness of Tuesday. I got up and got a few things done then headed off to class. Now, originally I was suppose to have class from 2-4:45 p.m. but my class let out at like 2:45. It was great because it meant I could go to practice! Woo!  

                I headed off to practice (which was brutal and I only did two miles) and managed to jam my pinkie finger while doing medicine balls at the end. Yup, just my luck. I got some ice from the trainer and proceeded to chill out in my dorm and relax (and do homework). Oh yeah. We had a housing meeting as well.

                Thursday. Another slightly crazy day. I had geometry, then lunch, then drama (and a shower cause I felt gross) and then practice and then dinner with Ashley and class. Yup, it was busy (and I forgot to take a picture of what I was wearing during the day. Fail for me.

                Friday….I went home. Yup, that’s the end of my week! 

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