Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things to Do.....

hmmm the list of everything that must be done...........  Before WDWCP 2011 :)
[I'm pretty much including everything even if it's not related
It's still stuff that I have to do or am doing before WDW!]

  1. Talk to my advisior for the very first time. Done, with no success. She looked at me as if I was crazy and told me to come talk to her in a week ha. She has no idea of the Disney Magic that is pulling me toward Disney as hard as it can. ha. 
  2. Talk to my advisor in a week (which would be November 10th).  So, After waiting a week, I got some bad news :( The education department will not allow me to receive any credit at all for my major. boo. Oh well. My advisor told me to go talk to the Registrar's to see if I can get internship credit
  3. Schedule my Spring 2010 Classes at Midnight on Sat :() Done, with me succedding in getting all my classes except for the small fact that one of my classes ended up being held at Dover Air Force Base? ha whatever. 
  4. NY, NY trip with the roommate. 
  5. Thanksgiving Break with the Family
  6. Talk to the Registar's. I'm planning to do this in a few weeks, after all the scheduling buisness for spring classes is done because they are busy enough and I want them to be in good moods :pixie dust:
  7. Classes end the 4th and  then Final Exams are held Dec. 7-11th. Then home!! 
  8.  A multitude of Holiday Events and Christmas :)
  9. New Year's Vacation 2009- Williamsburg :)
  10. Take the Praxis I PASSED
  11. Spring Classes Begin on January 11th. ugh. 
  12. Spring Breakkkkkkk and My birthday. February 29-March 7 
  13. MARCH 11th is the updated schedule at DSU. and to top it off, one of 
  14. Easter Break :) 
  15. Classes End for the Spring Semester on April 23rd and Finals are 26-30th. Then Home! 
  16. Work allllllll summer long. ha. Except for... (see next post) 
  17. Berlin, Germany for the Global Youth Convocation. I'm so bloody excited about this, here's the link to my post about getting selected. Global Youth Convocation
  18. Work some more. ha. 
  19. Back to School :( Classes restart..... August 23ish. 
  20. Applllllyyyyyyy :) In September when the online application becomes avalible! :)
  21. Wait every so paitienly and pray for some pixie dust magic for my very own Purple Folder
  22. My audition in Orlando. Mom does not read this, so I'm going to surprise her by taking her to Disney! She's going to think that we are going to Pittsburgh which is the closest audition spot to me. but because of flights and stuff, It's cheaper to fly to Orlando to Audition.
  23. Finish Fall Semster Classessssss at Wesley, and take my finals with flair! 
  24. Celebrate a lovelyyy Christmass with the Family and then......
sheeze. That's a long list
but i'm nothing if not determined. ha
See you soon, Mickey and Donald!

Friday, February 5, 2010

In anticipation of my purple email:

So. I took the praxis on January 9th. 

And today, I could check my scores online. 
I got a preview of what it's going to be like waiting for my puple email.

I covered my eyes...


peered at my computer. 


Looked at the scores. 


Thought for a second about what my scores had to be.


And screamed!!!!
I PASSED :))))))

My scores for Writing were not released yet. 
But I got a 179 for Reading and a 183 for Math! :)

Whelp. I'm off to go play in the snow some more. 
And watch some Disney Movies.